Welcome to NewPascal!


Behind NewPascal idea is Alfred Glaenzer (Alf from Consulab), Arnaud Bouchez (ab from mORMot) and Maciej Izak (hnb from DaThoX).


Additionally Maciej provides small infrastructure for this initiative (domain + VPS + small hosting space). If you like to help him with hosting cost (or you want to buy him a beer     for better motivation), please click donate button.

Donations: 215€ (Thanks!)
Cost: domain (15€/year) + VPS (40€/year) + hosting (5€/year) = 60€/year + private time

Our friends

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Synopse mORMot is an Open Source Client-Server ORM SOA MVC framework for FPC, targeting Win/Linux for the server, and any platform for clients (including mobile or AJAX).

Free Pascal is a 32, 64 and 16 bit professional Pascal compiler. It can target many processor architectures and operating systems.

Lazarus is a Delphi compatible cross-platform IDE for Rapid Application Development. It has variety of components ready for use and a graphical form designer to easily create complex graphical user interfaces.

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